Photo By: JR Racing Photos


Photo By: Jim Wolf


Photo By: Nicole Turner

Client List

Infineon Raceway - Sonoma, CA
Umbrella Girls USA - San Rafael, CA
The Spazmatics
Calvary Chapel - Greenwood, CA
Johnny Rock Page
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - Salinas, CA
Jim Russells Racing Drivers School - Sonoma, CA

Contact Info

Reite Photo
David Reite
Po Box 708
Georgetown, CA 95634

So you know, my last name “Reite”
is pronounced “Right”

To purchase prints, full resolution copies to download
please click on the link below. You will be taken to
my Zenfolio website which has all my stock photos.

PS Feel free to contact me if you have something
you don’t see! I have up to 20,000 images to date and still growing......

Booking Info

If you would like to inquire about booking me, feel free to call, or email me about pricing.

Aspiring modals I am always game to do pictures for your portfolio! I am always looking for willing muses for collaborating on making great photographs. Depending on the shoot, if its unique, and captures my interest, game to do it pro bono so we can booth build our portfolios

What it is I do...

When it comes to labeling what it is that I do photography wise, I find it hard. But this I feel sums it up.

Freelance Lifestyle Photographer, With a
Photojournalistic edge.

I am not one to paint myself into a corner, and just focus on one genre of photography. You name it Fasion / Glamor/ Racing / Sports / Weddings/ Landscapes / Corporate / Concerts / You Name it I'm Game to do it.

Once I put the camera to my eye, my goal is to capture images that make people stop, and take a 2nd look!
If someone takes time out of their life to take
a second gander then I have accomplished what I have
set out to do photography wise! Which is
Let the pictures do the talking.

What I am up to at this moment in time

I have been photographing for the past 9 years. The past 4 I have been focused on Racing, Indy Car, Nascar, AMA, NHRA, Moto GP hoping to make contacts. Well I met plenty of contacts, but also noticed that my web site was 90% racing. So my goal for 2009 was to do a personal project to get back into doing photos other then racing. I have title the project 365. In a nut shell, my goal is to go out everyday and come back with one great photograph. Once done, I will have one photo for each day of the year or a total of 365 photos.

I have to say, my 365 project is doing what I set
out to do for 2009! Reite Photo is not all
about fast cars and beautiful woman!
Its about the celebration of the simple things in Life.

My 365 project will be done in 2010 / 2011. 99% of the images have not yet been seen! My monthly 2009
“The Reite Photos Slides Shows” consist of photos I have taken during my 365 project but didn’t make the cut for 365

2010 I plan to do another personal project which will show the 4 seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall in 4 separate Slide Shows which hopefully the viewer will be able to see, and somewhat feel the seasons change but
with only still photos, and music.

Last Updated 11-16-10

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