To view this slide show you will need to install Pro Show Presenter Plug In. The plug in is from the makers of the Program I use to make the slide shows. The file is around 3MB in size. Once downloaded all you have to do is double click the icon, and it will load up and your done. You can download the viewer now at this link

Or you can just click on the below picture, which will bring you to the slide show screen, click on the Slide Show you want to watch, Click on the  picture to play slide show, and you will be directed to download the plug in, then just follow the instructions from there. Once you have installed the viewer click on the slide show an
it will start playing.

Below is a picture of the screen to show you where the full screen button is once the slide show starts playing.
One last thing, the show will take a little longer to load, but should still only take a few seconds to load up.
If not let me know.


Last Updated 11-16-10

 Ephesians 1-2